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Music4Malawi under the Kwathu Innovation & Creative Centre hosted a Bants2Business: Women in Music Edition at the Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe on the 4th of December, 2021.

The aim of the Women in Music B2B event was to bring together women in the industry to network, find solutions to issues women face in the music industry, and learn through the panel discussion.

Panel Session

Grounding exercise facilitated by Zilanie Gondwe

The panel session was facilitated by Zilanie Gondwe, with Luki 247 and Yvonnie Sundu as guests.

The panel discussed issues that women face in the music industry and proposed solutions to these problems.

Some of the topics that were discussed included, opportunities for female artists (especially rappers) in the music industry, exposure of female artists in the industry, and how artists can collaborate and engage the corporate world successfully.

As a creative, you need to find people with the same vision as you and create opportunities for yourself. Do not wait to be handed opportunities because that seldom happens

Yvonnie Sundu
Yvonnie Sundu making points

The panel also explored the lack of longevity for women in the music industry

There are a lot of societal expectations for the Malawian girl child and that tends to interfere with their music career. Marriage, raising children, even dating has effects on a lot of womens music career. That, coupled with the lack of support from family or community leads to many women dropping out of the music industry.

Luki 24 7
Luki 24 7 Speaking

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