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Bants2Business hosted a Twitter Space on the 27th of January 2022 to discuss Film in Malawi

The theme under discussion was “Can Malawian Creatives Take Criticism?” in leu to the social media frenzy caused by the Fatsani Movie

Leading the conversation, Gift “Sukez” Sukali, Catherine Mlenga, and KBG with Nthanda Manduwi and Eagle Co-hosting the space.

A lively debate sparked between speakers who believed that Malawian creatives could take Constructive Criticism as opposed to opinions

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but only a few are qualified to be critics.


On the other hand of the debate, speakers were of the opinion that anyone who can consume art is fit to criticise that piece of art

Just because I don’t know what camera to use doesn’t mean I can’t criticise the movie… because you wouldn’t dismiss my “opinion” if it was in praise of the same (movie.)


The general consensus, however, was that artists in Malawi need learn how to take criticism and use it to make their art better regardless of where that criticism is coming from

Do not be so quick to (mis)judge every critique as someone being hateful.

For the full conversation, listen below:

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