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Bants2Business hosted its very first Twitter Spaces last night, the 26th of January 2022.

The theme for discussion was “do we need standardised pricing in ICT in Malawi?”

Leading the conversation Bram Fudzulani, Wiza Jakalasi, and Joel Ngozo with Nthanda Manduwi Facilitating/hosting the space.

The core of the conversation was that Malawian corporations and individuals seldom pay ICT professionals favourably

Standardising ICT prices in Malawi would mean people in ICT getting a standard minimum pay of MWK200,000

Joel Ngozo

However, just like with all forms of standardisation, there is always the issue of grading and standard requirements, i.e. what would be the criteria to admit someone into the ICT union?

This is tricky because most people in ICT are self-taught and they do not have academic qualifications for their specialties.

You create your own standards and that’s what becomes your brand and how you compete in the industry

Wiza Jakalasi

But is standardisation beneficial for the industry at large? One investor didn’t seem to think so stating;

Standardising would not be a good idea for Malawi ICT professionals because (as someone who invests in African tech) that would scare away potential investors

Ben Roberts

For the full conversation, listen below

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