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“[As a creative] You need to understand the rhythm of the times. Rhythm is both noise and silence.”

“As young entrepreneurs and creatives, one of the most important things we can do is share information and create networks that explore collaboration in an effort to grow together.”

“Innovation strives on crisis – people innovate whenever there is a need in society. The (COVID-19) pandemic presents an opportunity for young creatives and entrepreneurs to innovate and think outside the box.”

“We need more women in media who will write and highlight performances by other women in the creative space.”

“Of the challenges you face [as a woman in the music industry], you must always look for solutions. Ask for help, whenever you need it. You can’t do it all on your own. It’s okay to ask for help.”

“As a creative, you need to find people with the same vision as you and create opportunities for yourself. Do not wait to be handed opportunities because that seldom happens.” 

“There is long-term value and impact with digital skills. It not only develops the person but also the community at large.”

“52% of women, globally, don’t know how to utilize digital skills. This gap widens when it comes to women in rural areas, especially in developing countries such as Malawi.”

“The Digital Malawi Program under Ministry of Information is working towards digitizing Malawi using digital ecosystems to connect schools, markets, and government offices.”  

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